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Course Listing by Area of Study: Social Science

The following listing represents e-Learning classes that either are on the current schedule or will be offered in a future quarter.  If a course is listed as "Inactive" it has run in the past but at the present time there are no future plans to reactivate the course. 

Please note: beginning Summer quarter 2008 there is a new Course Numbering System please go to the following link for more information Common Course Numbering 'CCN'. The course code is listed using the current CCN system.


Course Code Credits Course Name


ANTH& 206 5 Cultural Anthropology Fully Online
ANTH 113 5 Africa Fully Online
ECON 100 5 Survey of Economics Fully Online  
ECON 102 5 Public Economics and Government Fully Online  
ECON& 201 5 Microeconomics Fully Online
ECON& 202 5 Macroeconomics Fully Online  
HIST& 126 5 World Civilizations I Fully Online  
HIST& 127 5 World Civilizations II Fully Online  
HIST& 128 5 World Civilizations III Fully Online  
HIST& 136 5 US History 1: To 1877 Fully Online  
HIST& 137 5 US History 2: 1877 to Present Fully Online  
PHIL& 101 5 Introduction to Philosophy Fully Online
PHIL& 106 5 Introduction to Logic Fully Online
PHIL 111 5 Introductions to Bioethics Fully Online  
PHIL 220 5 Environment and Human Rights Fully Online  
PHIL 267 (inactive) 5 Philosophy of Religion Fully Online  
    Political Science    
POLS& 101 5 Introduction to Political Science Fully Online  
POLS& 202 5 American Government Fully Online  
PSYC& 100 5 General Psychology Fully Online  
PSYC& 200 5 Lifespan Psychology Fully Online  
PSYC& 220 5 Abnormal Psychology Fully Online  
PSYC 230 5 Human Sexuality Fully Online  
SOC& 101 5 Introduction to Sociology Fully Online  
SOC 230 5 Human Sexuality Fully Online  
    Social Science    
SSC 101 5 Introduction to Information Research for Social Science