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Course Listing by Area of Study: Science

The following listing represents e-Learning classes that either are on the current schedule or will be offered in a future quarter.  If a course is listed as "Inactive" it has run in the past but at the present time there are no future plans to reactivate the course. 

Please note: beginning Summer quarter 2008 there is a new Course Numbering System please go to the following link for more information Common Course Numbering 'CCN'. The course code is listed using the current CCN system.


Course Code Credits Course Name


BIO 125 5 Biology of the Puget Sound Fully Online
BIO 130 5 Northwest Ornithology Fully Online
BIO 130 5 Ornithology Fully Online
CHEM& 121 5 Introduction to Chemistry Primarily Online  
CHEM& 131 5 Introduction to Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry Primarily Online
CHEM& 139 5 General Chemistry Preparation Fully Online  
    Computer Science    
CSC 110 5 Introduction to Computer Program Fully Online  
CSC 111 5 Computers for Math & Science Fully Online  
CSC 142 5 Computer Programming Fully Online  
ENV 150 5 Environmental Issues Fully Online  
GEOL& 101 5 Physical Geology Fully Online  
GEOL 106 5 Dinosaurs Fully Online  
HEA 150 5 Health and Human Sexuality Fully Online  
NTR 150 5 Human Nutrition Fully Online  
OCEA 100 5 Survey of Oceanography Fully Online