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Course Listing by Area of Study: Humanities - Art, Communications, English, Music

The following listing represents e-Learning classes that either are on the current schedule or will be offered in a future quarter.  If a course is listed as "Inactive" it has run in the past but at the present time there are no future plans to reactivate the course. 

Please note: beginning Summer quarter 2008 there is a new Course Numbering System please go to the following link for more information Common Course Numbering 'CCN'. The course code is listed using the current CCN system.


Course Code Credits Course Name


ART 114 (inactive) 5 Digital Photography I Fully Online
CMST& 101 (inactive) 5 Introduction to Communications Primarily Online
CMST& 102 (inactive) 5 Introduction to Mass Media Fully Online  
CMST& 210(inactive) 5 Interpersonal Communication Primarily Online  
CMST 145(inactive) 5 Gender and Family Communication Primarily Online  
CMST& 230 5 Small Group Communication Fully Online
DRMA& 101 5 Introduction to the Theater Fully Online  
ENGL& 101 5 Composition I Fully Online  
ENGL& 102 5 Composition II Fully Online  
ENGL& 111 5 Introduction to Literature Fully Online  
ENGL& 114 (inactive) 5 Introduction to Drama Fully Online  
ENG 133
5 Introduction to Dramatic Literature Fully Online  
ENGL 151 5 Creative Writing Fully Online  
ENGL 152 5 Creative Writing Fully Online  
ENGL 153 5 Creative Writing Fully Online
ENGL& 230 5 Technical Writing Fully Online  
ENGL 251 (inactive) 5 Studies in the Novel Fully Online
ESL 055 (inactive) 5 Focus on Writing 5 Hybrid  
ESL 065 (inactive) 5 Focus on Writing 6 Hybrid  
HUM 110 5 Introduction to American Film Fully Online  
HUM 135 5 History of Film Fully Online  
HUM 140 5 Transnational Cinema Fully Online  
MUSC 110 5 Introduction to World Music Fully Online  
MUSC 113 5 Music in the U.S. Fully Online
MUSC 205 (inactive) 5 Jazz Masters of the 20th Century Fully Online