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Course Listing by Area of Study: Coordinated & Integrated Studies

The following listing represents e-Learning classes that either are on the current schedule or will be offered in a future quarter.  If a course is listed as "Inactive" it has run in the past but at the present time there are no future plans to reactivate the course. 

North Seattle e-Learning also offers linked courses (designated by a "Z" section.)  These courses are listed under their appropriate heading in the Course listing.  Linked courses are taught in conjunction with a related course that may or may not be offered as an e-Learning or Hybrid course. 

For more information about Coordinated, Integrated and linked courses please go to their web site.

Please note: beginning Summer quarter 2008 there is a new Course Numbering System please go to the following link for more information Common Course Numbering 'CCN'. The course code is listed using the current CCN system.


Course Code Credits Course Name


Coordinated Studies 10-12 World of Work: From Africa to Wall Street Fully Online
Coordinated Studies 12 Ways of Knowing (inactive) Fully Online
Coordinated Studies 12 Plagues and Monsters (inactive) Hybrid Online  
Coordinated Studies 12 Choices that can Kill: Ethics, the Environment and Threats to Our Health (inactive) Hybrid Online  
Coordinated Studies 12 The Search for Meaning: Psychology & Literature (inactive) Hybrid Online